Solaris ZFS ARC Cache (ZFS File Data)

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ZFS has a cache  algorithm which named  ARC (Adaptive replacement cache). In general the ARC allocates as much memory as it is available.To  prevent  high memory usage,  you would like to limit the ZFS ARC to xx GB, which makes sense to me (so you always have some RAM free for applications), please follow this documentation. […]

How to take ignite backup for HP-UX

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IGNITE BACKUP This post describes  how to  create ignite  backup file  for HP-UX.Ignite   is a well  designed  backup  restore  tool for  root/boot volume backup and restore. You need additional software to  get  backup  except  root  volume  group. Requirements FTP/TFTP  Connections Port Connections  For(UDP/TCP) Ignite  Server  IP and  Archive  Directory Client  Server Configuration Modified  Ignite  Script […]