How to handle Continuous Integration lifecycle with Travis ci and Github

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Travis CI: Test and Deploy with Confidence

Travis CI is a distributed CI server that builds, tests and deploys the OpenSource project for free. It is fully integrated with GitHub.

So if you are hosting your code on Github, Travis CI will be a great solution to manage the Continuous Integration lifecycle.

Travis CI uses “.”travis.yml” file to manage tasks;

  • building
  • testing
  • deploying

I will show a demo that how to use Travis CI for the Continuous Integration. But if you need more examples please check the documentation.

Step 1: Create .travis.yml file for docker-compose

  • How to use Travis CI to run docker-compose?

Step 2: Push newly added file to the Github

Step 3: Create Account on Travis CI with your Github account

You should enable test and deployment for the project that you hosted on Github under the settings tab.

After then build and test steps will be started automatically by Travis CI.

That’s all! Now when you push your code to the Github, Travis CI will automatically test and build your code by .travis.yml file.

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