How to take ignite backup for HP-UX

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This post describes  how to  create ignite  backup file  for HP-UX.Ignite   is a well  designed  backup  restore  tool for  root/boot volume backup and restore. You need additional software to  get  backup  except  root  volume  group.


  • FTP/TFTP  Connections
  • Port Connections  For(UDP/TCP)
  • Ignite  Server  IP and  Archive  Directory
  • Client  Server Configuration
  • Modified  Ignite  Script

Take  Ignite  Backup

Server Side Configuration

Step 1:Add  Ignite  Server  IP Address to  hosts  file

Step 2:Create  Client  Server directory

Step 3:Add  Client  Server  Directory  to  NFS Configuration

Before  share new  directory check  if your  client  has  connection to  Ignite Server  NFS and TFTP  ports.

Add  new  directory  to  dfstab.If you need to share  for  only  spesific  client server  change  anon string  like this:  “anon=2,rw=clienthostname”

**Older realase  of  HP-UX  like  11.11-23 add  “access=clienthostname” after “-anon=2”  string.

**And  also add  this line to dfstab

Client  Side Configuration

Step 1: Check  this  port  connection to  Ignite  Server

**UDP/TCP  2049

**UDP           69

Step 2:Add  ignite  server to  hosts file

Step 3:Check  Root  disk  Volume group for  ignite  script

If  you don’t  need some directories  which  is  under  Root  VG  you can  exclude them  with  “-x exclude=MountPoint”. So  check and take note  which  mount  points  you don’t need  like  /oracle /appdata etc.

Step 4:Create Ignite  Script

Check all mount  points  which  is  under  Root  Volume grup. In my case  volume group is “vg00” .Then  configure the script which added below.

-x : exclude  mount  point which added.

inc_entire: root  filesystem volume group

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