How to configure APA for HP-UX?

What is HP APA:

APAHP (APA) “Auto Port Aggregation ” is a software that make  possible to  create  link aggregates group. This software provide  a logical grouping (lan900-lan901 etc.)  two or  more physical network interface  under  into one logical interface.

HP APA Provides this features: 

• Automatic link failure detection and recovery
• Support for load balancing of network traffic across all of the links in the aggregation.
• Support for the creation of failover groups, providing a failover capability for links.
• Support for the TCP Segmentation Offload (Large Send) feature, if an aggregate is created with all Ethernet cards capable of TCP Segmentation Offload (TSO).
• Support for Virtual VLANs (VLANs) over APA link aggregates and failover groups.
• Support for 64-bit MIB (RFC 2863) statistics, if all the interfaces within a link aggregate or failover group support 64-bit statistics.
• Support for IPv6 addresses on a link aggregate or failover group.

You can  get  all information about  HP APA features  from this link.

How to  Install and  Configure HP APA:

Step 1: Check binaries

You can  use “swlist”  command for hp-ux  to check  if binary  installed  on your server.

Step 2: Verify  that package  is configured in the kernel

Step 3: Check already configured  APA interface

We can observe that  there  is  one apa  interface that already configured. If you will intend to create a  new  APA  configuration, you should remove existing configuration.These  command sets  will remove lan900 and  save configuration. But  on the  other  hand  you can  continue without remove  “lan900” . So you will use  next available  interface which  “lan901”.

# nwmgr -d -S apa -A links=all -c lan900

# nwmgr -s -S apa -A all –saved –from cu

 #ifconfig lan2

#ifconfig lan2 unplumb

#ifconfig lan3

#ifconfig lan3  unplumb


Step 4: Create  link aggregation

You need to check  configuration file that configured  SYSLOG and  other  options.

Find suitable  interface that you will use  to create aggregation. We  will use  lan2 and  lan3  for  our test.

Now, we create a  command  sets  to configure  lan900 and  also  save  it. You can check APA  document  which I added  above. There  are  some options that you need to change. For example  I used  lb mode  LB_MAC. This  mode is  used  by default.

Other  options  is  “mode”. You can define  this  parameter like “LACP_AUTO ” etc. It depends  on what you need?

Step 5: Configure IP  information

You sould edit this  configuration file to define  IP address.(/etc/rc.confg.d/netconf )

Step 6: Restart  APA and Network


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