How to install tomcat server on Linux

TomcatApache  tomcat is  a  open source software  implementation of the Java technologies  like Java WebSocket, Java Expression Language technologies.To deploy any application you  just need to create  a war file and deploy it on tomcat.Also for  more  details you can check this  link.

This  KB  ‘ll help you how to install  tomcat  on linux server.We ‘ll  use  Red Hat  6  while performing a  new  installation below.

What you need?

  • Download  all binaries from tomcat
  • Check  Java  version.If  java  doesn’t  exist  install it.
  • Create  an application  mount  point for  spesific  application  installation.
  • Exract file and  start  tomcat.

Let’s  start  installation with  first step to  download  binaries. You can  get all binaries  from  this  link.I recommend  to  download core  binary  distribution which named  tar.gz.

  • Download  Package:

There  is two  option.First  you can  download package  with  wget  command or  dowload  it from explorer then  put  tar.gz  file under  directory.

  • Check  Java  version  .If  java  doesn’t exist download  it from  this  link.

  • Extract  Binary file:

**It’s  important  to extract  binary  files  with  application  user. 

  • Start  tomcat

  • Check Port  State

  • Create  an admin account for  tomcat

The  last step we  need to create a  admin account  for tomcat.

Change  this  line as  you wish and  add them “tomcat-users.xml

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