How to monitor weblogic instance on linux server?

Shell ScriptingIf you need to define an alert for the weblogic  instance  that running  on linux server,  please  take  a look this  bash script. You should add  your instance  name to the  configuration file. This script will create  an alert if any weblogic instance  is  down  on  the server.  I added alert commands  for HP Operation Manager. You can change them as  you wish.

Also I added  weblogic status control script. This scripts will check and  list weblogic servers, nodemanagers. You should define alias  to check status easily.



Step 1: Shell Script  to create  alert

Before running script:

  • Change  “Config_File” directory on the script.
  • Create  “instance.config” file under your config directory.
  • Add your  instance  name to  the config  file.

Weblogic  Monitor Scripts:

Step 2: Service status  alias scripts

Before running script:

  • Define alias  for your user in .bashrc file.Do not forget to change “/appdata/controlfile/” path where  you will locate your weblogic status  control script.

Weblogic Status  Control Scripts:


Thanks  Peter for Weblogic status  control script. I changed script because  of  column function doesn’t work correctly.

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