How to use HP lt4132 mobile device on Linux?

cellularThe HP lt4132 LTE/HSPA+ 4G Module comes with 3 different configurations;

  • USB configuration 1: QMI and TTY
  • USB configuration 2: ECM
  • USB configuration 3: MBIM

By default Linux kernel will use ECM(Ethernet Control Model)) configuration. This mode doesn’t work with NetworkManager.

Configuration 3 MBIM mode is more suitable to run driver with NetworkManager. Changing configuration to MBIM mode is easy but first you need to deconfigure the device.

Writing 0 or -1 to bConfigurationValue will reset the active configuration (unconfigure the device). Writing another value will change the active configuration. Note that some devices, in violation of the USB spec, have a
configuration with a value equal to 0. Writing 0 to bConfigurationValue for these devices will install that configuration, rather then unconfigure the device.

Step 1: Find your mobile modem device driver path

Step 2: Deconfigure and enable MBIM mode

Step 3: Define udev rules and restart server

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