HP Data Protector Linux Agent installation problem


./omnisetup.sh: line 2112: ./omni_rinst.sh: Permission denied
Setup cannot continue. Installation of the Data Protector CORE component failed.

How to Fix ?

Check  /etc/fstab  file for  /tmp directory.You ‘ll observe ” noexec ” on  /tmp  line. Remove  noexec and  fix  like  which I added and remount  /tmp.

#UUID=63f2f8a8-c350-48f6-ae9f-accc323e61bd /tmp                    ext4    defaults,noexec    1 1

Edit  fstab.

UUID=63f2f8a8-c350-48f6-ae9f-accc323e61bd /tmp                    ext4    defaults     1 1

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