HP-UX P2000 Storage Supercapacitor failure

For  supercapacitor failure  errors for  P2000  storage  box  you need  to check  hardware status  with this command. If there  is  no hardware  failure  ask your  vendor to  update  Firmware  also  in some cases you need to replace  controller.


Supercapacitor failure. Status: cell 1 voltage is too high (27), State: failure (12) (p2: 3972, p3: 0)


Connect  CLI  and  run these CLI commands.And check sensor-status.

How to  Check   NIC  Port  Status P2000 storage box?

How to check  hadrware  status  P2000 storage box?

How to check all configuration and  Hardware status for  P2000 storage box?

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