NTP Does not start at boot on RHEL7

RedHat  Enterprise  Linux  7  has  new  service  which  named  “chronyd”.  RedHat  recommends  to  use  this  service  for  NTP Server/Client.  Chrondy can be configured  easily  to run  as  a client  or server. But if you will  prefer  to run  NTPD  classic service  that  you should  disable  “chronyd” service   at boot. Because  “chronyd” service  will deny “ntpd” service  while server  is booting.

If  you prefer to  use  “chrony”  service  instead  of  “ntpd” ,  you should  define  your  ntp configuration  on  “/etc/chrony.conf ”  file . Then enable service .   On  the other  hand, to enable classic  “ntpd” service on your server you should follow  this steps.

Step 1: Check  and  Disable  chrony

Step 2:Configure  Classic  NTPD service

Step 3:Start and Enable  Service

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