OvEpStatusEngine stopped after install KB4056898 Windows Patch

After installing Microsoft Secuirty  Patch “KB4056898”  OvEpStatusEngine stopped working on HP Operation Manager. Because  of this problem we  couldn’t open HP Operation  Manager  Console. If  you get same  problem  you probably  will get  this  error on  “Event Logs”. You  need to  apply  “KB4057401” patch  or remove  “KB4056898” . And  this  operation needs  restart server.


“(SE173) Status Engine initialization failed at step: UserRolesHandler Init. (NUL0I) The operation completed successfully.  ”


This problem has  been documented  on HP site . You can get  more  information  from the link which I added.  Microsoft will fix it  next roll up “KB4057401”





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