Veritas initialize Disk Problem


When try to  initialize a disk which is under  control of  Veritas  DMP  you can get  error  while reading  parttions, please apply   solution steps.This problem can be  occur  while install new disk also after a  patching  operation.



VxVM vxparms ERROR V-5-1-6536 error reading partitions
VxVM vxdisksetup ERROR V-5-2-43 hitachi_hus_vm0_0000: Invalid disk device for vxdisksetup


-Init  options initializes  region of a disks used  by  Vxvm.Also this  options  installing a disk header  and writing  a  default empty configuration on the disk. So be careful before  run this command  .If  you run for a used disk it’ll remove  header  information. There are some cases  which I observed that user  removed  ASM or  ZFS  disk header  while try to initialize  disk.

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