Windows Script Check URL Status

PowershellScriptYou can  use these scripts to check  website availability  and send alert  to  HP  Business Service Management.

Powershell  Script:

Powershell script  will take the URL parameter from command line and  check Website availability. You should  run powershell script  with these  parameters  set. <OpenMessageInterfaceName>  used  for  HP Operation  Manager. So  you can define  this  parameter as you wish.

#powershell -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File URL.ps1 <URL>  <OpenMessageInterfaceName>

KornShell Script:

This Script will take the list of URLs from a text tile (URL.list). So before  running  unix  script create a URL.list  file. First  parameter  is control  type, second  is  URL and  last  one  is  Responsible  Group  information that will give  information about  alert.

#/bin/ksh /unixadmin/URL/


PowerShell URL  Control:


KornShell URL Control:

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