OpenShift LDAP Integration

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Openshift LDAP Authentication

selfOpenShift container platform provides support LDAPv3. You can integrate your OpenShift Cluster to use LDAP authentication. That will allow users to log in to OpenShift with their LDAP account. But it will be a single point of failure, meaning that if LDAP server become unavailable then all OpenShift platform requires authentication would also be unavailable.

“Additionally, this basic configuration has no access control of its own; all LDAP users matching the configured filter are able to log into OpenShift Container Platform. “

Step 1: Get Ldap integration user information

You need an authentication user to search ldap. I strongly recommend to create a specific LDAP user and group that you will add OpenShift users.

Powershell commands get username and group Distinguished name:

Step 2: Backup configuration

If you have already complete the installation of OpenShift , then check if master-config.yaml under “/etc/origin/master” directory.

Step 3: LDAP Search

Before start to create your config set you should install a ldap client to test your ldap server. I added two options that you can install for Linux and Windows.


Download LDAP admin from that link.(

Linux : 

Install OpenLdap binaries to use ldapsearch.



Ldap Server: sorbana.domdom.local

Step 3: Create OpenShift LDAP configuration

You should perform step 3-4  for the master  nodes.

After define your LDAP  information you need to add this  config set to the “oauthConfig”.

Step  4: Restart master-api service

Step 5: Connect OpenShift Web Console


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