Oracle Solaris 11 Network Configuration and New Features

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Oracle_DumpOracle  Solaris  introduced two new features  on Solaris 11  which  different  from Oracle  Solaris 10. There are  some changes for “dladm” command  and  also a new  command “ipadm” which will help us  to configure  network interfaces. Instead  of  “ifconfig” changes  made  by “dladm” and  also “ipadm” are  persistend  across reboot.

“dladm” helps administrator  two perform  data-link  (layer 2)  operation like  configure  physical links, Vlan,aggregations etc. And also changing  link layer  properties.

Another  point  that  introduced  on Solaris 11  link name  are  not  physical name  like  e100g0,bge0  etc. It  means that  data-link name  are  not  same  as  physical link name . As  I showed  below.

As  you see  from command output Link name are  “net0-1-2” and  also  physical-link name  are “e1000g0-1-2”. Remember that  on Solaris  10  data-link and  physical-link name are same  as. This will help us  to give spesific  names  to  data-link . You should change  “net*” as  you want.

Also  you can  create  network profile and apply them with  “netadm” and  “netcfg” command. Her  is an simple example  of  create  network  profile  with “netcfg” command. It  names  NCP on Oracle  Solaris 11.

There  are  two modes  for  Oracle Solaris 11 Manual an Automatic Networking  modes which named “Automatic”  and  “DefaultFixed”. Automatic  network  profiles  use DHCP  to  obtain basic network  configuration like IP addres netmask and  gateway. DefaultFixed  mode  needs  to configure  network  interface  manually  with  “dladm” and ” ipadm”  commands. If you are an administrator  like  me to  take  all control of system  you should  disable  Automatic  networking  options . Link aggregations  operations  needs  to DefaultFixed mode. So  If you ‘ll  create  aggregations you need to  change  default  Automatic mode to  DefaultFixed.

A simple example  about  how to create static ip with ipadm command manually.

Last  but  not  least  important  changes  on Solaris 11  is  SMF.Name service  configuration is stored  on SMF  instead  of  /etc file. This configruation changes make a  big advantages to manage  system changes  on patching and  other  works.

  • svc:/network/dns/client  >> /etc/resolv.conf
  • svc:/system/name-service/switch >>/etc/nsswitch.conf
  • svc:/system/identity:node >>  /etc/nodename






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